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Getting Started

Everything you need to get up and running with Aboard

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Your Company settingsCreate and edit your company's general, workplace, departments, time-off, public holidays, and integration settings in your company settings
How to add employeesAdd your current and new employees to AboardHR to get them up and running on the platform 🚀
Access rolesWhat access role should I assign my users? Exploring the role of Admin, Manager, and Employee
Time-off - Admin & Manager viewView who's available in the calendar and manage your employees' time-off in the Time-off tab in the Admin or Manager view.
Onboarding - onboard a new employeeA guide on how to create a new onboarding for your new starter by setting tasks and messages
Documents - Adding and sortingHow to add documents to your Aboard platform to be viewed by your Employees within the Employee Portal
1-on-1s - How to createHow to create topics and tasks for yours and your managers' 1-on-1 meetings with their employees
Vacation PlanningCreate the dates, add your colleagues, and set a deadline in order to successfully plan vacation with your teams
OffboardingIs your employee leaving? Time to set up an offboarding plan.
PostsCreate and share blog posts with your employees
WhistleblowingCreate a whistleblowing page for your employees to report different situations in the workplace, then handle it effectively in Aboard.
FormsCreate forms to send to your employees and receive feedback.
1-on-1s - GoalsSet goals for your employees that you can track and update during your 1-on-1 meetings.
AnalyticsLet Aboard simplify your analytics with ready-made reports on Diversity, Absence, and Employees