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Create and edit your company's general, workplace, departments, time-off, public holidays, and integration settings in your company settings

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To amend your company's settings, you'll first need to ensure that you are listed as an Admin on Aboard.

To access your settings, click on your Profile button in the top-left corner, and then a small modal will appear where you can click on "Company settings".

On your main Settings screen, you'll then have various options:

  1. General - here you can add your company logos that are used on the Employee Portal, where your Employees can log in.

  2. Workplaces - add the different company workplaces that you will assign to your users when you create a new Employee. These workplaces can be used as filters in your main People page on the admin login, and are also shown in the Employee Portal.

  3. Departments - add the departments that can be assigned to your employees. These departments will be used for filters and your People chart within the Employee Portal.

  4. Time-off - add the time-off types that can be used by your Employees when they book their time off. Once added, you can assign the different types to different users, in case some other Employees have more options than others. For more information, click here.

  5. Public holidays - add in your local public holidays, which will then be taken into account when your employees book time off.

  6. Whistleblowing - Activate the Whistleblowing feature, choose the categories that you would like to offer, and assign handlers to each category.

  7. Teamtailor - add the Teamtailor integration in order to send your hired candidates from Teamtailor to Aboard.

  8. Slack - integrate Slack into your account so that managers receive requests for holidays.

  9. Webhooks - create custom webhooks to integrate with various third-party systems. You can find more on this here.

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