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Teamtailor integration
Teamtailor integration

How to send your hired candidates from Teamtailor to Aboard using our integration. This article covers the setup and what's included.

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Congratulations, you've made a hire!

Now, it's time to create the onboarding plan for your new hire, and so you need to send this new employee to Aboard to begin the process. How does this work?

Setting up the integration

1) In your Marketplace Activations in Teamtailor, click on Aboard, then this will generate an Integration key on the below pop-up:

2) Copy this Integration key, then press Update and close the window.

3) In Aboard, go to your Company settings (where you can also access your general, departments, workplaces, time-off settings and more):

4) Under Integrations, you'll find Teamtailor. This is where you can paste your Integration key from Teamtailor into Aboard under "Teamtailor API token".

5) Click Connect, and then you'll have the following screen to show that it has connected successfully:

6) Back in Teamtailor, you'll then be able to send the candidate manually to Aboard, or more commonly, use the Aboard trigger that will be in your list of triggers now that you have activated it in your Marketplace. When you create the "Add candidate as new employee in Aboard" trigger on that job, you'll have the option to select the Job Title, Department, Workplace, and Manager that exist in Aboard:

7) You're done! You can now add candidates into this stage and they will be sent to Aboard.

What happens next?

When you then move a candidate into the Hired stage in Teamtailor, you'll receive the following pop-up in the bottom-left corner:

Click on "Review now" and then there will be a link to the candidate's profile in Teamtailor, as well as an option to add the new hire's Start Date.

Once added, you can then view the employee's profile and add any further details.

Which candidate details are passed from Teamtailor to Aboard?

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email address

  • Job title (selected when setting up the trigger)

  • Department (selected when setting up the trigger)

  • Location/Workplace (selected when setting up the trigger)

  • Manager (selected when setting up the trigger)

Still confused? Please see our video below:

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