Let Aboard simplify your analytics with ready-made reports on Diversity, Absence, and Employees

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In the Admin Portal, any user with Admin access can find the Analytics tab on the left-hand menu of your screen.

Here, you'll find two different tabs that show the data currently available in your platform - Overview and Reports.



This graph will show you the number of headcounts, joiners, and leavers over the last 30 days, as well as a graph showing the trends over the past year.


These pie charts will show you the mix of genders and ages of your current employees. If a user has not added their gender or age in their profile, then it will show as "unspecified". Note that only the user can amend their own gender setting.

Employees by department and workplace

Presented both in numbers and a bar chart, this section will show you the total number of employees and the average tenure of each department and workplace.


In the Reports section of Analytics, you'll find two reports that you can download as CSV files - Absence report and Employees report.

Absence report

Once downloaded, the Absence CSV file will show you the Employee ID, First name, Last name, Date, Duration, Unit, Policy type, and Status (pending/approved). These files are often used to import into further systems such as payroll systems.

Employee report

The Employee CSV file is useful as it will show you all of the users, both active and archived, that exist in your Aboard system. Fields currently included are Employee ID, First name, Last name, Start date, Termination, Department, Job title, Workplace, Address country, Manager, and Status.

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