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Create forms to send to your employees and receive feedback.

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In the Admin portal, Admins and Managers can create forms that include a range of questions, and then be sent directly to users from the Forms feature, or added to an onboarding schedule.

Getting Started

To create your first form, find Forms in the left-hand menu of the Admin portal, then click "New form". Create a name, select an emoji and a colour, then you'll have the start of a form in draft mode.

Next, add a description by clicking "Edit description". This description will be used in the emails that are sent to your employees when the form is sent to them.

Finally, you can start adding questions to your form. Click "New question", then you can add a Title, description, and question type. Your questions can be a Scale (1-4) question, Select question, or Text question. If you choose a Select question, then you can add your options after adding the question.

Sending your form

Ready to share your form? You can preview the form first by clicking the Preview button in the top right corner, then when you're happy, your first step will be to click the yellow "Activate" button.

You will then have three options for sending the form - directly via the "send" button, adding it to an onboarding, or in bulk from the People page.

Send directly

If the form that you have created is not suitable for onboarding, then you can instead choose to send it directly to your employees. To do this, find your form, then click "Send" in the top right corner. You will then have a dropdown menu where you can choose the employee that you would like to send the form to.


You can add your form directly to an onboardee on an active or draft onboarding, or add it to a template. To do this, go to the Onboarding feature, then click either on the employee or templates, then select the subheading of "Schedule". Once here, click "+ Form", then select the due date, to email, and the form that you wish to send. It will then be added to the schedule for this onboarding.

In bulk

In the People tab of your menu, you can bulk-select any of your employees, and then choose the form that you would like to send.

In all three cases, forms will be sent as an email, which will include a link to complete the form in your browser.

Viewing your responses

The responses to your form will show both in the "Form" and "Responses" subheadings of the form that you have created. On the Form page, you'll see an aggregated view of the responses to the questions that you have received so far.

On the Responses page, you'll be able to see the data separated by employee. Here you will see each employee's name, answer to the question, and any additional comments that they have added.

The data is available as a table and can be exported as a .csv file.

Good luck!

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