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Onboarding - onboard a new employee
Onboarding - onboard a new employee

A guide on how to create a new onboarding for your new starter by setting tasks and messages

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To create a new onboarding, you need to have either Admin or Manager access.

From your main Admin dashboard, click on Onboarding on the left-hand side and then on "+ New onboarding" in the top-right-hand corner.

A modal will then appear, where you can choose the Employee that you wish to onboard, and then their position and Manager will auto-fill from the position that you have added to the People tab when you initially created the Employee.

Next, you can choose whether or not you wish to use one or more of the templates that have been already created:

Click "Create draft", then you can begin!

An onboarding consists of two main features - Tasks & Messages.


Using this feature, you can set Tasks to any Employee listed on your platform. You can decide the task name, description, date, and assignee, and the assignee will receive a notification email to complete the task.

The task will be visible on the details of the onboarding, on the Employee portal for that user, and on the main Dashboard for all Admins and Managers. You can easily track the progress of the onboarding by seeing the status bar here:


The Messages feature can be used to schedule emails from one of your users to the new Employee's personal or work email address. Similar to Tasks, Messages can be triggered to be sent immediately, before, on, or after the Employee's Start Date that is registered in their profile.

You can edit the appearance of the message using the various editing tools available in the feature.

This is a great way to welcome new starters to the company!

Once you're happy with the onboarding draft, simply click the "Start onboarding" button, and then the Tasks and Messages sequences will be activated.

Remember - to speed this process up, you can create templates with Tasks and Messages already included.

Good luck! πŸš€

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