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The Employee Portal

Discover what the Employee Portal includes, how to access it, and who can access it.

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How do you access the Employee Portal?

Your Employee Portal is the standard view for all users with the "Employee" role when they initially log in. Additionally, it can be accessed from your Admin portal here:

What's available in the Employee Portal?

Dashboard/Home - from the main Dashboard, an Employee can request time off, view and complete their assigned tasks, see office local times, view who is out of the office that day, and play the Face Quiz game.

People - view all of the other employees' public profiles, read their bios and find how how to contact them.

Time off - view your allowances and submit time off requests to your managers.

Photos - upload images and create galleries of your company events that are then available to all of your users.

Documents - access and download both your personal and company documents.

Onboardings - view the Onboardees that you are helping to onboard, and view and complete any tasks that have been assigned to you.

1-on-1 - view your topics, tasks, and goals that you need to complete, as well as be able to write your own private notes regarding the topic.

Posts - read any posts that have been published by your company's admins.

Events - create and sign up for company events. You can find more on events here.

Notifications - click on the "bell" to view your notifications.

Profile - create and edit your public profile that will be published to the People page.

Whistleblowing - report a whistleblowing case to your company's case handlers and follow the progress.

Settings - view and edit your private information, such as your contact details, bank details, home address, and emergency contact.

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