Create and sign up for events in the Employee portal, see the details, and share your best photos

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Who can create an event?

Everyone! All users in your Aboard account will be able to create and sign up for Events in your Employee portal. Your first step will be to click the Events "flag" icon in your left-hand menu bar, where you'll be able to both view and sign up for previously created events by your colleagues, as well as create your own.

Creating an event

To get started, click on the "+" button, and then a modal will pop up where you can begin creating your event. Firstly, you'll need to give the event a name, emoji, color, and workplace. The workplace refers to the workplaces that you have listed in your settings and will be the main target for your attendees of the event. If the event is open to all, you can simply leave this as "Everyone". Note that choosing a workplace will not exclude employees from other offices from signing up.

Step 2 of creating an event is to choose the dates. Either use the drop-down boxes or date picker to select the date and time and note that you can also select "full day". Next, you can choose the maximum number of attendees for your event. Once your event has this number of attendees, then no other users will be able to sign up. Finally, click "Create event", and then you can move on to the next stage.

Adding the details

Now that you have added the basic details, your event will be in draft mode. As a minimum to publish the job, you'll need to add a cover image, text, and location. If required, you can add multiple locations, as well as bookmarks to relevant websites for information, and even a shared album that attendees can upload their own photos to. For these photos, you have the chance to either use an existing album or create a new one.

Publishing and attending

Ready to share? Click the "Publish" button in the top-right corner. In doing so, the event will be available for your colleagues to view and click "attend" on your event. Remember that colleagues can only sign up until the maximum number is reached, if applicable.

Once you have accepted the invite, you will show up in the "Attendees" list on the event, and you'll also receive an invitation to the event via email, which you can then add to your calendar.

Managing the event

Need help with organising? No problem! Click "Manage hosts" in the top-right corner and then you'll be able to add your colleagues as hosts to the event, meaning that they will also have access to be able to edit your event and add further details.

Finally, if you'd like to share the link to the event with your colleagues, simply press the "Share" button in the top-right corner, and this will copy the URL to the event in your Employee portal. Note that only colleagues with access to Aboard will be able to see the event.

Have fun! 🤩

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