Is your employee leaving? Time to set up an offboarding plan.

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With Aboard's offboarding module, Admins and Managers are able to create offboarding plans that consist of a series of tasks to be completed by your team.

Getting started

To create a new offboarding, you can either start from scratch or a template. To start from scratch, click "+ New offboarding", then you'll be able to select the employee that is leaving, and the last day of work. Note that on the last day of work, the employee will be automatically archived. Next, you can choose whether or not you want to use a template (or combine templates).

This will then give you the opportunity to add tasks, and provide a summary of the offboarding:

Now, it's time to start creating tasks for your team. Click on "+ New task", then you can give the task a title, add notes, and assign the due date and assignee. Note that you can add as many tasks as you want.

Ready to go?

When you're happy with the offboarding plan and want to move away from Draft mode, click "Start offboarding", then the tasks that you have created will be assigned to the assignees. You'll be able to track the completion of the tasks in the sidebar underneath the summary of the employee, as well as on the landing page of the Offboarding tab in Admin mode:

Creating templates

Using templates is an excellent way to streamline setting up offboarding plans, particularly as you can combine plans when you create an offboarding for a new employee.

To get started, go to the "Templates" part of Offboarding in Admin mode, click "+ New template", then as with a new offboarding, you'll be able to first give it a name, description, and emoji, then add tasks that you'd like to have as templated for each new offboarding.

Completing the offboarding

Finished all of the tasks? Then it's time to archive your offboarding. This can be done here:

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