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1-on-1s - How to create
1-on-1s - How to create

How to create topics and tasks for yours and your managers' 1-on-1 meetings with their employees

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1-on-1s can be created by any Admin or Manager that is listed as a Manager for any Employee across the company.

To get started, click on 1-on-1 down the main menu on the left-hand side and then click "+ New 1-on-1". From there, you'll see the option to create a new one 1-on-1 with any of your team members that you are managing.

Next, you can create various Topics and Tasks that you would like to discuss with your Employee in your next 1-on-1 meeting. Within a Topic, you can give it a name, add a description, and even set Tasks for yourself or your employee based on that Topic. You can create as many Topics as you wish in order to plan ahead.

Additionally, you have the option to add a "New private note", which is then only visible to you. This option is available both to the Manager and the Employee.

Finally, you can create Topics and Tasks as Templates, which can then be used by other Managers and Admins across the company. For example, if your Head of Department wants each of the middle managers to discuss a particular topic, this Head can create the Topic Template, and then each manager simply needs to select "Add from template":

Good luck!

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