1-on-1s - Goals

Set goals for your employees that you can track and update during your 1-on-1 meetings.

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Within Aboard's 1-on-1 feature, you can create measurable goals that you can continually update on both the Admin portal and Employee portal until the goal is reached.

Getting started

New goals can be created both in the Admin portal by a manager or by an employee in the Employee portal. For an employee, a 1-on-1 and at least one topic will need to be created first by the manager for it to show in the Employee portal.

For both managers and employees, click on your 1-on-1, and then you'll have the option to add a new goal. Click "+ New goal", create a title, icon, colour, description, and deadline, and then the goal will automatically appear for both the manager and employee.

Next, you will need to add the Key Results for which you wish to measure the goal. Click "+ New key result" in the menu, then you can add a title and choose a unit for the result. Available units are Done/Not done, Percentage, and Numeric. Both the manager and employee can add key results and you can add as many as you wish.

Following up

Next, you need to track the success of your Key Results, which you can do as part of your 1-on-1.

When you click "Follow up", you can record how far along you have made your target if it's numerical or percentage-based, or you can tick it off if it's a Done/not done field. You can also add a note to the follow-up or mark the whole goal as complete. Both the manager and employee can add a follow-up.

Follow-ups will be recorded automatically, and if you click on the follow-up, a modal will appear with the details of the follow-up.

If you are the employee, you will receive an email notification when your manager completes a follow-up, and vice versa.

Completed Key Results will then impact the percentage completion bar on the main goal.

Completing the goal

Once all of the Key Results have been marked as complete, then a "Completed" banner will show on the Goal, and it will be marked as 100% complete. A notification email will be sent to let the other party know that the goal is complete.

When you are finished with the goal, you can then choose to archive it. If you wish, you can then also delete the goal after it has been archived.

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