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Create the dates, add your colleagues, and set a deadline in order to successfully plan vacation with your teams

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The setup

To get started, head to the Vacation planner tab. Both Admins and Managers are able to create Vacation plans, and once created, they will show in all included employees' Employee Portal.

Next, click "+ New Vacation Plan" and you can begin to create your draft vacation plan. This includes:

  • Name

  • Emoji & Colour

  • From date

  • To date

  • Instructions

  • Deadline

When you're done, click "Create"!

Next, you'll need to add the employees that you want to be part of this vacation plan. Click the "Add employees" button and select the relevant colleagues. You can also edit the members list once created. Once you've added them, it should look like this:

As you can see, this is in draft mode and will be saved as such in your Vacation planner tab in Time-off until you're ready to publish this to your colleagues.

Starting the plan

Next, you need to inform your colleagues about the vacation plan. Click "Start plan" and then "Yes, start", and then this will send an email to your colleagues with the instructions and deadlines regarding this plan:

Adding requests to the plan

In the Employee Portal, this will create a new widget on the main dashboard where your employees can submit their time-off requests to the plan:

For the employee in the Employee Portal, they'll be able to see the other employees that are part of the vacation plan, as well as the dates that have been submitted so far. They can also see the deadline and the instructions that you added when creating the vacation plan.

To submit the planned vacation, employees need to click "Add days", then the vacation type and dates, then Create. Employees also have the option for "I'm not planning to take any vacation".

Employees can add multiple requests to the vacation planner, as well as edit or remove existing plans that they have already sent for approval.

Note that once it has been approved by the Admin or Manager, it can not be edited or deleted, but can be undone on the Admin or Manager side if needed.

Approving a Vacation Plan

In the Admin/Manager view, you'll be able to view and approve the vacation plans that are made by your employees, by clicking on the requested time, then "Ready for approval". You will have a tracking bar along the top of the page that will show how many of the employees' plans you have approved:

For the user, once their plan has been approved, they will also receive an update in their Employee Portal to let them know that their plan has been approved.

Completing the Vacation Plan

Once all of the employees have submitted their plans and the Admin or Manager has approved the requests, then you can click the "Complete" button.

By completing a vacation plan, you will no longer be able to edit the vacation plan, and all of the planned vacations will show as approved time-off requests for your employees. Additionally, it will show as "Done" in your Vacation planner tab.

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