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Time-off - Managing your requests
Time-off - Managing your requests

View who's available in the calendar and manage your employees' time off in the Time-off and People tabs.

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As Managers and Admins, you will be able to handle and view time off requests from your teams in the Time-off tab, as well as handle each individual employee's time off allowances on the People page.

Please note that before this step, you will need to create Time-off Availability Types and Policies within your Settings. You can find more on this here.

Time-off tab

Within the Time-off tab, you'll be able to see your team's holiday requests. Confirmed requests are shown with a solid border:

Pending requests are shown with a dotted border:

If you click on the unconfirmed request, you'll be able to approve or decline the request, as well as see the availability type and dates:

Additionally, you have "Availability type" and "View" filters if you wish to change the list of the employees that you see. By default, you will only see your reports.

People tab

Within each employee's profile, there is a Time-off tab. This is where you can see each employee's assigned availability types, days taken, public holidays, and current balance, and make any necessary adjustments.

First, you will have two options:

  • Set public holidays - this will assign any of the public holiday calendars that you have created in your settings to an employee. This will take effect immediately.

  • Add policy - this will set a new availability type and policy for this employee. If the policy has an allowance and a "new hire" option, then you will also be able to select this for the current cycle. Note that the full allowance will start in the following cycle, so you may need to make adjustments to the current cycle.

Then, if you click on the 3 dots on any of the vacation policies, you will have the below options:

  • View details - if the policy has a fixed allowance, then you will have 3 tabs along the top, as well as a date tracker to change the cycle that you are viewing:

    • Requests - this will show the date, amount, status, approver, and any notes for each period requested by the employee. It will also show the summary of the current balance, allowance, carryover, days taken, and manual days added. For example:

    • Adjustments - this is where you can make any manual adjustments to an employee's time off allowance, both positively and negatively. If you add any adjustments, it will be shown in the "manual" box of the above image.

    • Carryover - this will show any days that have been carried over from a previous cycle. Remember that you can create rules for how days are carried over in the Time off settings.

  • Register time-off - this option allows you to register any time off on behalf of your employee.

  • Change policy - this option allows you to change the policy of the same availability type for the employee. Note that this change will be implemented for the following cycle.

  • Unassign policy - this option means that the employee will no longer be able to request time off of that availability or type.

Finally, you will also be able to see the list of confirmed and pending requests for this availability underneath the employee's balance.

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