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Documents - Adding and sorting

How to add documents to your Aboard platform to be viewed by your Employees within the Employee Portal

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Company documents can be added to your Employee Portal by all Admins using the Documents feature from the main menu on the left-hand side.

To get started, simply click on "New document" and then you can add either the file or link to an online file/folder.

You can then categorise these documents by clicking on the "Add category" button, and then giving a new name and icon to that category. Once added, you can drag and drop your document into the new category.

The end result on the Admin portal will then appear like this:

Additionally, each document that you add to the Documents tab will be available in the documents section of each employee's Employee Portal, alongside their own personal documents that they have added to their profile.

Important - if you want to upload documents to a specific Employee so that the document can only be seen by the employee, their manager, and any Admin, then you need to add it to their profile instead.

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